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We specialize in branding and rebranding in Hamilton, Ontario.

If you’re about to invest in your brand for the next 3-5 years it’s a good time for branding exercises. You may just find that a rebrand is your next best move.

Rebranding is also a range of services. Your company may only need a little work.

Ultimately, rebranding for us is to ask “are people understanding who you are”? “What value do we offer?” “What problems do we solve?” It’s time for a rebrand if your customers are struggling to understand you. 

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Your business deserves to stand out in a crowded marketplace!

You have a lot to offer, but the people who need you the most will have a hard time buying from you if you don’t have a clear message and brand strategy. At Enticity, we start with defining the foundation and we build upwards to create a strong, intentional, well-thought out brand.

Refresh, Redesign, Redevelop.

We are a boutique strategic brand agency with a simple approach to crafting brands:

We see people as brands, and brands as people.

We’re about capturing the essence of your company and expressing your passion by focusing on truth, authenticity and the emotional experience you offer your customers.

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