Building a rebrand on a strong foundation.


The Challenge

Weaver is an exterior remodeling company focusing on door installations and replacements. They specialize in vinyl windows, entry doors, siding and masonry.

Founded as “Accurate Aluminum” they made a popular mistake: using their company name to define what they sold. This left no room to grow or evolve. Over time, their name lost relevance because they added many other exterior materials to their list of services. Changing the name and creating a trustworthy brand image was our main focus.

Our Work

The Solution

The Define Before Design® rebrand process surfaced their love for remodeling perfection. During our naming research we discovered the Weaver bird, and how they construct the strongest, most efficient nests in the world that are passed down through generations. The Weaver brand was born (a name they can grow with) and we created a visual brand identity that stood out in the marketplace.

Before the Rebrand.

This is what Weaver looked like before our Define Before Design® rebrand process: