How Rebranding Improves Website Traffic

Written by Shanna Dennis, Brand Strategist

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Higher website traffic means more customers and, potentially, more sales.

Why does website traffic matter? 

Think about the front entrance of your home. If you’re someone who loves to have visitors, you’ve probably thought about how to make it a great experience for your guests. Maybe you have extra hangers in the closet, a place for them to hang their bag, a vase of flowers, or a little jar of mints. You’d welcome them in, direct them to a comfortable spot to sit, and ask them if they’d like anything to eat or drink.

Now think about the front entrance of a business. The team puts a lot of money, time, and energy into making that space welcoming and directing attention where they want customers to go. Clear signage can help people find what they’re looking for, and bright, exciting advertisements can get them excited about new items.

If you have an online business, it might seem like you’re missing out on that welcoming front door moment and there’s nothing you can do about it, right? Wrong! A rebrand can be the answer for you!

Your website is your company’s virtual front door. 

How does this work, you ask? Maybe instead of a little jar of mints, you can offer them a valuable free download to get them excited about what you have to offer! Fun and interesting imagery, colours, and copy can help them get to know you, your company, and your personality better. A clear and concise design will guide them through your site. These are the ideas we’ll brainstorm with you while discussing your rebrand.

Now that you’re with us on that, let’s look at how a rebrand can improve your website traffic.

1. Clean Design

Have you ever visited a website that was just so confusing that you completely gave up on the company altogether? Visitors will leave your website if it’s poorly designed and does not allow for user navigation. If you know your business well, you know your customers well, meaning you know what they’re looking for when they come to you. This is how knowing your brand as a whole connects to everything, including the design and structure of your website. And how do you get to know your brand this well? This is why we encourage going through our Define Before Design® process, the best way to fully know your company (who it was, who it is, and who you want it to be!) and realign it for future growth.

2. Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Having a responsive website used to be a bonus, but these days it is a must-have. Mobile devices around for over 70% of online searches for local products and services. This is why it’s so important that your website is prepared to accommodate these customers. You might have something amazing to sell, but if you are perceived as being behind the times, that assumption may spill over into the quality of your product or services. When you rebrand with us, we’ll make sure your company is updated in these ways that are truly necessary to the functionality of your website.

3. Clear Contact Info

Your customers want to get in touch. They may have questions or concerns and need answers before they decide to spend their hard-earned money with you. It’s important to provide them with a way to reach you, and that you respond in a timely fashion, not to mention friendly and ready to help! Many people appreciate having a variety of options when it comes to contact information. Remember that some want to call you on the phone, while others prefer to get in touch via email. Allowing your customers to make that choice for themselves is a sign that you put them first. How well do you know your audience? And do you have a target audience that is different than the customers you’re getting? This is where rebranding can help you set your business on a direct course to success.

4. Quick Load Times

No one wants to sit around and watch the wheels spin as your website prepares to welcome a visitor. We know it can be tough to keep website load times down, especially if your business’ website requires featuring a lot of videos, high quality images, or moving parts. Thankfully, there are ways to solve this problem. You can test your website’s speed using Google’s speed insights tool. If you’re struggling with your website’s load times, you can add plugins or services to speed it up.

5. Professional Design and Build

There are a million options online that claim you can build your own website, even with no experience. While it’s true that these options exist, there is a reason that businesses come to the professionals. It’s so important to present a professional, well designed, and fully functioning website to your potential customers. Any issues can cause a viewer to head back to Google and find your competitor. Professional website design involves thinking like your target audience and building the site for what they need. It also ensures that the elements of your website such as menus, links, contact forms, and payment options will look attractive and function properly. 

Your website is such a valuable investment and we want to make sure yours is visitor-ready and as welcoming as your front door. 

Shanna Dennis

Brand Strategist

We are a strategic brand agency located in Barrie and Toronto Ontario, focusing on spreading our passion for branding within Toronto and the GTA. We love working with small to medium sized businesses looking to brand or re-brand their company. We also love working with entrepreneurs who are passionately shaping our economy with their innovative visions for our future. If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a marketing director, we’d love to work with you on your brand strategy and discover ways to heighten your consumer’s experience. Our Discovery Session and our Define Before Design® strategic brand process has been developed for you.

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