Why Enticity?

With so many agencies to choose from, why us?

It’s no accident that your business has enjoyed success. You’ve worked hard to do good work and to build lasting relationships with your customers, suppliers, and employees. But maybe it’s time to evolve into the next iteration of your business.

Since the last time you spent time branding your business, your customers have changed, maybe the services or products you provide have changed—certainly the world has changed. Has your brand kept up with the times, or are you starting to show your age?

We can help you.

Together, we will walk through our “Define Before Design®” rebrand process and capture your story and what makes you different. We will then create a brand strategy that will speak to the hearts of your ideal customers. Once the brand attributes have been defined, we will create messaging and visual marketing materials that reflect the business you are today!

Rebranding is a growth strategy that every business must face at one time or another.

First things first

Define Before Design®

Our proprietary process, developed by our own brand strategist Shanna Dennis, moves our clients along a strategic framework that will align your core message with the needs of your clients.

We use a little bit of neuroscience and some branding magic to increase your revenue and ensure that you sustain your business moving into the future.


Our Mission

To increase our client’s brand value by bridging the gap between what’s expected and what’s experienced.


Our Values

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You deserve a strategic, well thought-out plan that will guide you to develop, activate and manage your brand.

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We value a creative team environment where we collaborate together. Many hands craft great brands.

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We empower our clients by teaching them how to operate as a brand. We work with you, not for you.

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We all respond to transparency and authenticity. It is crucial that we practice and encourage the art of being human.

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Your business has unique offerings, team members, and customers. Therefore, you deserve a one-of-a-kind brand.

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We are all about symmetry, in life and in design! In essence, we bring back balance and symmetry for our clients.


Partners in Design

It’s been years in the making. Our experience working with these brands has led us to where we are today.

Enticity branding client Georgian college logo
Enticity branding client East Side Mario's logo
Enticity branding client YMCA logo
Enticity branding client Kaycan logo
Enticity branding client CFPC logo
Enticity branding client Agilec logo
Enticity branding client KP Vinyl Siding logo
Enticity branding client Canada Parks logo
Enticity branding client Friday Harbour logo
Enticity branding client RVH logo
Enticity branding client City of Barrie logo
Enticity branding client Vetta Spa logo
Enticity branding client Simcoe County School Board logo
Enticity branding client Pfizer logo
Enticity branding client RBC bank logo

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