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Written by Shanna Dennis, Brand Strategist

web designers in barrie ontario

We specialize in web design in Barrie Ontario.

We know the importance of blogging for the SEO results you want. The title of this blog is keyword focused for example. Enticity is hoping that people in Barrie Ontario will search for web design. Or maybe they will search for web designer and they will find us. We used the exact same wording as the first sentence of the blog, Google will love this. Actual people – not so much.

Here’s the problem

This article is insulting to humans who reads it. The sentences are short. We avoid passive voice as well. Since Google loves sub-titles, we are going to have to keep adding them throughout. Google likes short sentences, so this will also feel choppy. Passive voice is also something Google does not like, which means there’s nothing human about this blog.

We are always caught between what is important for Google and what people want to read. We are a branding agency so we are people-focused. We are all about human emotions creating a positive brand experience. Enticity has a web design approach that is meant to make our client’s life easier. We interview them. Study their market and competition. Wireframe and plan the site. Write all the content. Take all the photos. The client ( hopefully you ) has an extremely easy process. You will walk away with a website that is customer-focused and personality matching.

Enticity is much more than web design

We are more than web designers but we need people searching for web design to find us. Google wants outbound links as well, so we are going to suggest you visit our instagram page here, or our facebook page here. When a Barrie company announces their new website and we see that it won’t help them increase sales, we get sad. Changing the look of your website and not your brand position will not help you.

Building a website today, needs to be very customer-centric. Web design agencies needs to be aware of consumer trends and expectations. Your site needs to be geared towards your future client. Your website should last 3-5 years and not feel outdated next year. Web design pricing in Barrie has a very wide range. It’s almost impossible to window shop and compare apples to apples. It’s almost always going to come down to who you trust the most. Since this article is geared towards Google they want us to add some internal links too. If you are reading this and you want to read a well-written blog for people you can find them here.  For example, here’s a cute one about how branding is like dating.

Keep us in mind for web design if you have a business in Barrie

Obviously, we would love for you to call us when you’re shopping around and have us as an option. We believe that if you’re in the market for a new website you should call us. Make us an option to explore. If you’re about to invest in your brand for the next 3-5 years it’s a good time for branding exercises. You may just find that a rebrand is your next best move. Rebrand before the website investment takes place.

Rebranding is also a range of services. Your company may only need a little work.

Ultimately, rebranding for us is to ask “are people understanding who you are”? “What value do we offer?” “What problems do we solve?” It’s time for a rebrand if your customers are struggling to understand you. It’s important you do this before you redesign your website.

Will anyone read this website page?

One of the biggest consumer trends today is the shortage of time people have. Everyone is super busy and always in a rush. That is why not many people will read this blog. We can probably slip in another stupid sentence with another keyword like web design in Barrie – and no one will notice. People are not reading today. That is why short blogs are great for humans and not so great for Google. Google wants more. More keywords. More paragraphs. More content! We are banking on the fact that no one will read this.

Send us an email if you are reading this. We’d love to know. Then chat with us regarding your business and your website designer needs. All successful companies go through a rebrand at one point or another. Call us and we will sit down with a coffee and discuss it.

First page of Google?

We were ranking on the middle of page 9 on a google search when this blog was written. Enticity was not being found when people searched ” Web Design Barrie “. We want to attract the people who are searching for a web designer in Barrie. We want them to know that we do offer it along with content creation. We don’t simply ask you to send us all your content. (That drives us crazy!!!) You’re busy!!! You’re running a business! You’re not web designers and you’re probably not up on your current consumer trends report. That means you’re not sure what to write about or what people care to read about, etc. There is a reason you’re looking for a web designer!

Here’s a question for you. When you go to the mechanic do they ask you to bring your own oil? No. You arrive, and you sit back and you trust that they know what they are doing and they have everything they need. They are not going to add to your stress or make you work at it! Many web designers in Barrie are design-focused visually, but not strategically. They are not mapping out the customer journey. They are not creating engaging content and photography or creating a consistent call to action.

Web design is half the battle. Invest wisely!

Our dream is to never see a fellow company in Barrie launch a bad site again. Don’t hire a web designer and then do all the work! Here’s one more keyword phrase in hopes to reach number one position or at least the first page of Google when people search Web Design in Barrie Ontario. And one more link to have you call us at 1-833-925-5347. (Thanks for reading!)

Shanna Dennis

Brand Strategist

We are a strategic brand agency located in Barrie and Toronto Ontario, focusing on spreading our passion for branding within Toronto and the GTA. We love working with small to medium sized businesses looking to brand or re-brand their company. We also love working with entrepreneurs who are passionately shaping our economy with their innovative visions for our future. If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a marketing director, we’d love to work with you on your brand strategy and discover ways to heighten your consumer’s experience. Our Discovery Session and our Define Before Design® strategic brand process has been developed for you.

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