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Branding is Personal

Yes, branding is personal. Branding is about bringing YOU to your business.

Are you running a business you no longer love? Are you forced to carry on because it’s your only source of income? Do you have an unsettling suspicion that you may be falling behind in your industry? Like there’s something great you could be offering or doing better, but you just don’t have the time or resources to make it happen? Do you make scattered decisions without having a strategic plan or vision for what you REALLY want your business to look like? 

Having a brand strategy will help you avoid spending thousands of hours (and dollars) on a business you end up resenting. 

Imagine how amazing it would be to pour your heart and soul into your work, and have your customers appreciate you and what you do. Imagine having a deeper level of impact on the people around you. An impact that goes past just selling them a product or service. 

It’s never too late to re-brand. And it’s an investment of time and money that pays off in more ways than one. Are you ready?

You can create a credible brand, by staying true to who you are.


We are a strategic brand agency located in Barrie and Toronto Ontario, focusing on spreading our passion for branding within Toronto and the GTA. We love working with small to medium sized businesses looking to brand or re-brand their company. We also love working with entrepreneurs who are passionately shaping our economy with their innovative visions for our future. If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a marketing director, we’d love to work with you on your brand strategy and discover ways to heighten your consumer’s experience. Our Discovery Session and our Define Before Design® strategic brand process has been developed for you.
Shanna Dennis

Shanna Dennis

Brand Consultant

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