Brand Consulting

You will benefit from some quality conversation and guidance from an outside perspective.

It’s easy to get confused about what’s best for your business because you’re so close to it. That’s why it can be helpful to hire an outsider to look at your brand with a new perspective and to offer fresh insights.

Check out our list of consulting services below.


Brand Consulting Services

  • Start Smart® Strategic Brand Session
  • Power Plan® Strategic Brand Session
  • Customer Brand Calls
  • Employee Brand Calls
  • Brand Experience Audits
  • Open Discussions
  • Assistance with Define Before Design® Course
  • Internal Culture Plans for Staff Retention
  • Map Touchpoints for Brand Advocacy
  • Extracting Brand Attributes
  • Team Culture Workshops
  • Branding Presentations
  • Yearly Brand Management Follow-Ups
Are you in start-up mode?

Introducing Our Start Smart® Brand Session

Do you have an idea and not sure where to start? Do you have limited funds and want to know where to invest first? Create a plan and start a profitable brand people love!


Our Portfolio

Consulting Brand Portfolio Nat Caron
Consulting Brand Portfolio YMCA Campaign
Consulting Brand Portfolio Chapman Law

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