Power Plan®

Does your company need to make some changes?

The Power Plan® Brand Session is designed to be your first step when reshaping your business for future growth.

This 3-hour consultation session will create clarity on the steps you need to take to shift in your new direction. 

pivot your business

Time for Change

You know you need to make some changes, but you’re unsure which steps to take to get there. Maybe you’re not even sure where “there” is! Let’s create a plan together.

People evolve, brands should too.

We see it happening every day! Our strength is staying ahead of consumer trends and knowing where consumer expectations are headed. This gives us the tools to provide relevant information and design brand strategies that will help you grow.

Don’t waste your time, money, and effort in trying things that have no financial return. Working with us on your brand strategy is a powerful resource that will give you a profitable perspective on your business.

stepping stones

How We Power Plan®

Below is a list of topics you’ll discuss with Shanna Dennis (Brand Strategist and Owner of Enticity). Shanna will help you gain clarity on the steps you need to take (and the order you need to take them) to evolve into the company you are dreaming of.


Branding done right

We will make sure you are currently positioned as a brand and not as a commodity

How you stand out

We will clearly define your competitive advantages

What's the draw?

We will discover what is attracting your customers and discuss how to attract new ones

What's missing?

We will recognize gaps and opportunities for growth in your specific market

What the people want

We will discuss consumer behaviours, trends, and expectations

Take the lead

We will create a list of strategies that will position you as a leader in your industry

Run with it

We will create an execution plan that will guide you through your change

Let’s get started

What to Expect

1. Book your Power Plan® Brand Session by calling 1-866-790-1711 or filling out the form below (you will be invoiced a one-time fee of $450 + tax at the time of booking).

2. Fill out the below questionnaire when booking or before the meeting so Shanna can research and prepare for the call

3. Schedule a 3 hour Google Meet, Zoom®, or phone consultation

4. Have the confidence to make some changes!

I’m ready, let’s go!

Power Plan® Questionnaire

Below is the questionnaire that we use to get to know you better! Your answers enable us to properly prepare for your session.

Once you submit this form, we will reach out to you to schedule your Power Plan® session. A one-time fee of $450+tax will be issued prior to the session.

    We promise not to annoy you! We only send emails when we have something really good to share!

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