New Brand Portfolio

With growth, comes brand extensions and new brand developments.

Introducing a new product or service to a different market is common. Whether it compliments or competes against your existing brand, there are stratagies to follow.

Explore a handful of our new brands below.


The Patient’s Medical Home is the future of family practice in Canada and captures the evolution of family medicine.

TKL Media

TKL Media takes an influencer approach to your social media by creating custom photos and videos to fit your brand.


A spacious, modern, and quiet Barrie community that twenty-two happy families will be proud to call home.

Yonge Station

A community on the go, Yonge station offers modern living north of Toronto with easy access to the GO Train.

The Gallery

A stunning community inspired by art and culture with unparalleled views of the city, walking trails, boardwalks, and lookouts.

YMCA Campaign

The YMCA is more than just a gym, it’s a community. Whether you’re a child, an adult, or a senior, you belong at the Y.

Banting Square

Keeping true to tradition, Banting Square pays tribute to the rich history of Alliston and complements local architecture.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is inspired by the beautiful green colour palette and exciting art and music movement in New York.

Health Circle

An approach that brings together different health care providers to co-ordinate the highest possible quality of care for you.

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