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KP Vinyl Siding

KP Vinyl Siding is a privately owned and operated company with eighteen manufacturing plants and 2200 employees throughout North America. When it comes to vinyl siding, their technological innovation has them leading their industry.


KP Vinyl Siding was established over 55 years ago and was positioned in the marketplace as a commodity, only focusing on the product, price and service they offered. They were losing market share to competitors who were actively branding by positioning their siding business as a lifestyle brand, focusing on the people and not on the product.


 Together with the KP marketing team, we walked through the Define Before Design® rebrand process. We discovered that at the core, their company was most passionate about transformation. Our new brand celebrates that KP’s large range of siding colour and design options gives the homeowner creative control.


What We Did

  • Define Before Design® Sessions

  • Content Writing

  • Name Change
  • Logo Update

  • Visual Brand Identity

  • Tag Line Development

  • Printed Marketing Materials 

  • Power Point Presentations
  • Website Design / Development

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Client thoughts


“We love it!!! Great job! We are all smiling and really feel the pride coming through!”

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