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Counsel is one of Canada’s leading public affairs agencies, specializing in government relations, strategic communications, and integrated campaigns. They bridge the gap between those inside and outside of government, creating change along the way.


Counsel was struggling with their visual brand identity and website when they approached us.

It was a classic case of a company doing so well that they outgrew their old branding without even noticing. When it became such an obviously forgotten asset, they realized it was time to re-align themselves.


Our Define Before Design® process helped us to connect with and understand what makes them so successful.

We created a very classic brand identity and dropped the descriptive tagline from their logo. This will allow them to continue to grow further without dating the company.

What We Did

  • Define Before Design® Sessions

  • Customer Brand Calls

  • Staff Brand calls

  • Logo Update

  • Visual Brand Identity

  • Tag Line Development

  • Brand Photography

  • Printed Marketing Materials

  • Power Point Presentation

  • Website Design / Development

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