We do a lot of heavy lifting before we ever sit down to design your brand elements. Because how else could we create something that effectively speaks to your audience?

You want results? You need a brand strategy.

When you work with us, you’re treated to the Define Before Design® process. You’ll start by meeting with our brand strategists so they can understand your frustrations, your goals, and your customers. (If you’re impatient and want a rebrand right this very minute, check out our DIY online course!)

The strategists then do the research, look at the trends, and devise a plan. We’ll review the plan together and if it all sounds good, the creative team gets a detailed brief to work from. They read the strategy, then write and design accordingly. When we’re finished, you’ll have compelling messaging written in your brand voice, a visual identity to match the new you and a strategic brand experience to tie it all together.

The result?

You’ll connect with your audience on a Rick Astley level.
(They’re never gonna give you up.)

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