Outdated Branding Is Costing You

Written by Shanna Dennis, Brand Strategist

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Is your brand getting a little tired and outdated? It may seem like the best financial option is to keep on going with what you have. After all, paying for a rebrand comes with a price tag, but keeping your existing branding doesn’t… right? Or is that really true?

We live in the age of technology being at everyone’s fingertips. Most often, the first way people will be introduced to your brand is through their phone or computer. If someone has heard about your brand by word of mouth, they will likely do a quick Google search to find your online presence, whether that is your social platforms or website. 

First impressions

First impressions matter. People will land on your website and make a snap judgement about you based on your branding. This could mean your company name, the design and usability of your website, and the words you use to describe what you sell and who you are. Even font choices, colours, and imagery choices factor into this judgement! 

The fact is that 75% of the population admits that they judge a company based on their website design. That’s 3/4 of your website visitors! Their first impression will be formed often within less than a second after landing on your website. 

Seeing what they see

This may be a good time to take a moment and pretend to be a brand new visitor to your website. Try to imagine you have no previous experience with your company or brand and are arriving at your website with fresh eyes. Be critical. Does it show that you’re leading your industry? Do you feel at ease and welcomed by friendly and clear design, or lost and overwhelmed? Does your website portray a trustworthy and professional organization?

Is outdated branding really costing you?

If your brand or website were a storefront where customers could open the door and step inside, would it turn them away? Imagine your storefront location had an unpleasant smell or messy and disorganized shelves. These issues could cause customers to turn around and walk out without purchasing anything from you. You would consider these problems to be costing you, since they turned away potential income. Why is a brand or a website any different? If what you are displaying is not inviting people in and making them comfortable, then it is costing you.

Better design, higher growth

When it comes down to it, branding is about communication. You’re sharing who you are, who you’re aiming to become, and who you want to be to your clients and customers. People value that, and are drawn to it. Better branding and better website design encourages customers to stick around. It welcomes them in and encourages them to spread the word. 

At Enticity, this is our passion. There’s nothing we love more than to meet with you, learn about your company, your existing brand, and your future. Then we get to help you communicate that to your clients and customers through design and branding. Our Define Before Design® process has redirected many a company with tired and outdated branding, and it can help you too!

With locations throughout Toronto, across the GTA, and North to Barrie, we are happy to meet you wherever makes you most comfortable. 

Shanna Dennis

Brand Strategist

We are a strategic brand agency located in Barrie and Toronto Ontario, focusing on spreading our passion for branding within Toronto and the GTA. We love working with small to medium sized businesses looking to brand or re-brand their company. We also love working with entrepreneurs who are passionately shaping our economy with their innovative visions for our future. If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a marketing director, we’d love to work with you on your brand strategy and discover ways to heighten your consumer’s experience. Our Discovery Session and our Define Before Design® strategic brand process has been developed for you.

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