Rebranding to make way for growth.


The Challenge

Westgate is a boutique, consultant-style windows and doors company for those who want to invest in their home. Jared Westover’s years of experience make him highly qualified to provide the most efficient, long lasting, and beautifying options. With a name that described the product offered (windows and doors), it was difficult to grow and offer more, even though their services were expanding daily. The other challenge was that the visual brand identity did not feel strong or trustworthy, and it shared the same colours as many on the market.

Our Work

The Solution

The Define Before Design® process revealed that what really made Jared’s clients trust, buy from, and refer him were his one on one conversations with them. By scaling down he was able to offer more and increase value. We renamed the company and created a visual brand identity that matched Jared’s style and personality.

Before the Rebrand.

This is what Westgate looked like before our Define Before Design® rebrand process: