Breathing new life into an old tradition.

Vettä Nordic Spa

The Challenge

Enticity joined forces with Vettä in 2017 – 5 years before the doors of Vettä would open to the public. We were approached to help guide this idea into a brand that would prove to be one of Ontario’s top destinations. 

We knew they were entering into a competitive market that already had a successful Nordic spa and a long list of 4-season, local activities. Vettä needed to differentiate themselves enough to not directly compete with their competition, by offering a completely different experience.

Vettä would have to make a positive imprint on the community and lean on the locals to build the internal brand culture at the time of opening. We knew launching a brand with a team of 60+ people during the pandemic would require a strong brand presence and brand implementation. 

Our Work

The Solution

Naming and positioning Vettä as a Finnish spa helped them stand out from the competition. Pinpointing the Finnish approach early on contributed to the name, visual identity, architectural design, landscape design, interior design, and more. All of this was achieved by first working through our Define Before Design® sessions.

Enticity crafted a brand and guided the Vettä team to create an experience unlike any other being offered. The connection to the Finnish social spa culture is the reason why Vettä became such a seamless build and hit the market with a strong brand identity that attracted employees and guests. 

Vettä is a nordic spa with massage and dining services that all pay homage to Finnish roots,  however, the Vettä brand sells ultimate relaxation and a promise to escape the routine of everyday stresses. Vettä sells guests a day to relax and reconnect with loved ones through a shared experience of heightened senses.