Supporting a vision with rebrand precision.

Phoenix Building Components

The Challenge

Phoenix quickly outgrew their marketing materials because they had superior products that were needed across Canada. Their visual brand made them look small, despite the fact that they were a national brand. This type of success is something to be celebrated, but it is easy to let the website and marketing materials become outdated while focusing on running the business.

Visually, their company’s look did not match their position as Canada’s leading manufacturer and wholesale distributer of engineered wood building products.

Our Work

The Solution

After walking through the Define Before Design® process, our team adjusted the Phoenix logo and created an all new visual brand identity and a new website. We equipped the sales team with current marketing materials that they could proudly share, allowing them to bring Phoenix across Canada and beyond.

Before the Rebrand.

This is what Phoenix looked like before our Define Before Design® rebrand process: