Rewriting the wordsmiths’ brand.

Manley Mann

The Challenge

While their goal was to be playful, Manley Mann felt they weren’t being taken seriously with their current brand. They felt it didn’t align with the calibre of clients they wanted to attract. 

Before rebranding, Manley Mann took any writing and editing job from anyone. They needed to niche themselves and discover what kind of work they really wanted to do.

Our Work

The Solution

After working through our Define Before Design® process, Manley Mann discovered that their passion was writing for businesses. This meant they could truly focus on the work they enjoyed doing, and charge more for their professional services.

With a sleek, modern logo and muted colours, they were able to confidently approach new clients show what they were really capable of.

Before the Rebrand.

This is what Manley Mann looked like before our Define Before Design® rebrand process: