An organically grown rebrand, picked fresh.

Farms And Forks

The Challenge

Farms & Forks wanted to create a brand that fostered passion for the internal team and culture, building a business that felt rewarding to work for. The challenge was to create a new visual brand identitey that would attract the right team, and a logo that could be versatile and work well on different materials and media.

Our Work

farms and forks rebrand fabric bag with logo

The Solution

After our Define Before Design® sessions, we created a new brand identity for Farms & Forks that was high energy, vibrant, bold, and attractive. The versatile logo can be used wide, stacked, with or without an icon, and is not colour dependant. The heart of the rebrand is that it’s a passion project, focusing on what is being done for the planet and others by connecting people with organic food.

Before the Rebrand.

This is what Farms & Forks looked like before our Define Before Design® rebrand process: