Tweaking the old recipe for a fresh look.


The Challenge

Cinelli created such phenomenal products that they grew to an international level very quickly. Their baking machinery was desired across North America and beyond, which meant it was easy for them to lose track of the visual brand identity, website, and marketing, and as the years went by it became dated. Cinelli reached a point where their marketing materials were no longer useful — they were so dated that some products they advertised were no longer even being produced. Our challenge was to create a brand identity to match the reputation of this amazing legacy company that has made such a name for itself in its industry.

Our Work

The Solution

Our team redesigned, rewrote, and rephotographed where necessary to bring Cinelli’s marketing up to date. The goal was to create a website and print materials that would provide the sales team with what they needed to sell the current products. 

We updated the logo, giving it a more modern feel while staying true to the icon, colours, and name. Our brand new responsive WordPress website allowed Cinelli to take over the maintenance, making it possible for the website to grow alongside the company.

Cinelli is now able to represent their full line of bakery machinery with pride. 

Before the Rebrand.

This is what Cinelli looked like before our Define Before Design® rebrand process: