Investing in a rebrand for long term growth.

August Group

The Challenge

The existing brand identity did not accurately represent August Group’s high level of professionalism or the time and effort they put in to care for their tenants. The challenge was to elevate the brand in order to change the perception, so that it could align with who August Group really is.

Our Work

The Solution

Through our Define Before Design® sessions, we were able to develop the new name: August Group, named after the company’s founder, Augusto. The team also loved the meaning behind the word, which stands for respected and impressive.

With their new brand identity and visual brand, August is able to attract the calibre of tenant that appreciates the amount of work they put into their rental spaces. Our content writing speaks to the heart of the company because they took the time to articulate what matters to them and their tenants.

August Group is now able to thrive in their market at an elevated level, no longer struggling with an identity crisis.

August group enticity rebrand social media instagram feed

Before the Rebrand.

This is what August Group looked like before our Define Before Design® rebrand process: