Marketing Is A 2-Way Street

Written by Shanna Dennis, Brand Strategist

marketing is a two way street blog

Everyone has been to a party and has been stuck with the person who will not stop talking. You cannot get a word in edgewise. Do not be that person! No one wants to sit and listen while someone talks all night! In this way, marketing is similar — it goes both ways.


Don’t just talk about it, do it!

Speaking to your potential customers can be looked at the same way. Instead of announcing to the world all the details that make your company great, try celebrating how you can make your customers great! People will be more into the “conversation” if it has to do with them.

Marketing is now an interactive 2-way street. Placing an ad that lists everything you do no longer works. Instead, you need to find ways to show them how they can be part of it. Accept their ideas for how you can improve and make an effort to find out what they need, in order to meet those needs.


Make it personal

You are competing against the world for that little bit of spare time your consumers have, so you have to adapt. Including them in your efforts will give you a better chance of connecting with them. When you call allow them to see themselves using your product, it will keep their attention. If you take the focus off yourself, and put it on them instead, you will gain loyalty.


Much like a conversation between 2 people, you want marketing to be two-sided.


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Shanna Dennis

Brand Strategist

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