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Brand DiscoveryDiscovery Session


(If you’re heading in the right direction)

Our discovery session could benefit you if:

You are looking to launch a new business or rebrand an existing one.

You want to stand out as different from the competition.

You want to attract loyal customers who love what you offer.

You want to re-energize your already successful brand.


your passion  +  our insight  =  your greatest potential

Our Discovery Session is designed to show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be by the shortest and most direct path.

We listen to your story and clearly identify how branding in today’s market will impact your business. Our conversation will empower you to make crucial decisions that will ultimately shape your brand and the perception people have of you.


A testimonial from Kim Moffitt, Owner of Ruff Haus
Read additional testimonials here.

How it works.
  1. Give us a call or email us to start the conversation. We will answer any questions and book your session with our Brand Consultant.
  2. Once booked, we will email you a link to an online form,  giving us the information we need to familiarize ourselves with you and your industry. We work behind the scenes before our session.
  3. We meet for our 3 hour Discovery Session and share our insights about your business and how we see it succeeding in today’s market. We discuss relevant brand topics that are crucial for you to know. We will also discuss how you may be able to differentiate your brand from competitors’.
  4. A half hour phone conversation 1-2 weeks later is scheduled to follow up on the Discovery Session and make plans for next steps.


Things you may discover during our session:

Opportunities to increase brand loyalty.

Running your business as a brand vs. a commodity.

The new era of marketing.

Buyer trends that are impacting business today.


Let’s Get Started

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