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From day one, enticity has always been our go-to team for any branding, graphic design or marketing needs. They took the time to really understand our business and had a huge part in helping to make our start-up business a success. Their approach is professional yet laid back and they are always eager to introduce new creative ideas and brand strategies to better our business. Enticity has always made a conscious effort to keep within our timeline and budget, and we’ve never had to compromise on quality or workmanship to achieve those goals. We often get compliments for the look and feel of our brand and our identity has helped us to grow as a small business within the community.

I would recommend enticity to tackle any branding or marketing needs for any type of business large or small. They do amazing work and always make us feel like we have an extended part of our Ruff Haus team.

Kim Moffitt, Owner
Ruff Haus
Barrie Ontario



The enticity team was an integral part of our success with the launch of Yonge Station. They really get it. After pitching their team our key demographics and providing them with the appropriate autonomy, they were able to create a strong brand that connected meaningfully with our demos. The Pratt Homes brand has tradition and everything enticity pitched about Yonge Station was completely outside our comfort zone but it was awesome and spoke directly to our key demographic. I told enticity we need something that is award winning and different and they made it happen. From concept to execution they were bang on with their recommendations. They stand behind their work and are willing to take the time to show you why their ideas made sense. Our print ads received a significant amount of positive feedback from industry professionals, the digital ads performed well above industry standards, the billboards are captivating and the website was innovative and won a Simcoe County Home Builder Award for Creative Excellence.  The work speaks for itself.

All the great work aside, when it comes to partnering with a branding team, I look for a partnership that involves more than just a client based relationship. I demand a team who cares, who loves my brand as much as I do and who will consistently go above and beyond for the partnership. This is where enticity really impressed me. They always made sure our brands best intentions were in mind. It felt like they looked at the project like it was for their own company and I am pretty sure they lost as much sleep as I did, if not more.  

Todd Palmer, Marketing Manager
Pratt Homes
Barrie Ontario



 We are a Toronto-based company, with the majority of our work done in and around the city’s core. After an exhaustive search of many prominent design houses in Toronto, we opted for a boutique brand agency situated in Barrie, ON.  Enticity , in my opinion, is the GTA’s best kept secret in branding and graphic design. The first thing we were told upon visiting their office was: “We can do it!” Trust me — we were fully prepared to test that statement. Previously, we had been told by other designers that our ideas were overly ambitious, and that we were asking for the impossible. We had fully resigned to the notion that we would have to compromise.

Not only did the enticity team succeed in bringing our visions to life, but they utilized their own visions, supported by their experience and expertise, to expand and improve upon our ideas. Our company’s branding and identity has reached the next level because of a team of passionate individuals at enticity who love what they do.

Enticity’s business model of a personalized boutique experience is not just a marketing ploy. We have now experienced first-hand how they will meet a tight, seemingly impossible deadline, and commit to working extra hours if necessary to get the job done on time. The only reason we would hesitate to recommend them is to keep them entirely to ourselves. Thanks enticity ! It has been a great experience.

Dale Galarneau, Marketing Manager
Toronto Ontario



Enticity is a wonderful company to work with. Through collaboration and discovery meetings they take the time to get a thorough picture of what you are looking for. The upfront time dedicated to projects instills confidence with you. They have been able to do everything we have asked, from smaller projects to a complete website redesign, exceeding our expectations. I would like to say they are a real resource for brand implementation. I will refer anyone to them in the future.

Thank-you again Shanna and staff, we couldn’t be more pleased and look forward to working with you on our future projects.”

Janice Carson-Golden, Manager of Communications
College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario – CRTO
Toronto Ontario



A business in its early stages faces many big decisions that are critical to its success. One of the best decisions we made was hiring enticity to take the lead in our Branding and Website development. At Sperling Private Counsel, we felt it was important to invest in building a brand that clearly stood out from that of our competitors. We needed a team that could harness our vision, goals, and passion into a unique brand identity. Enticity did just that and more! I believe developing an outstanding brand requires an in-depth study and understanding of the company’s genesis as well as its future direction.

Shanna Dennis, at enticity, was tenacious in her desire to understand Sperling. It truly felt like she was starting the company with us. Shanna, along with her team at enticity, invested time into extracting specific information about Sperling in order to build a brand that truly represented what we are and what we stand for. Enticity unique talents, creativity, passion, enthusiasm, and tenacity resulted in a brand that we love and are so proud of. 

For our potential clients it is ‘love at first sight’ when they see our unique high-end business cards. We continue to get excellent feedback on all our business collateral. Without a doubt, enticity’s branding has propelled us above our competitors. And working with the entire team was a memorable experience best described as a creative journey that has given Sperling its ‘wings’ to take flight and reach new highs as we continue to grow the business. Thank you enticity ! 

Chi-Chi Ross, Director of Operations and Planning
Sperling Private Counsel
Toronto Ontario



The enticity team helped us develop and design the recently released Report Card on the Role of the Federal Government Health Care. Throughout the project the enticity team met every deadline and were always available and responsive to our needs. We are extremely happy with their work and grateful for the creativity and professionalism they brought to the project.

Artem Safarov, Department of Health Policy and Government Relations
College of Family Physicians of Canada
Toronto Ontario



Enticity was instrumental in working with the Barrie and Community Family Health Team in developing our branding, logos, positioning collaterals, web-site, presentations and other materials for our organization.  The standard of work, level of creative and execution has been exceptional and as good as anything produced by any agencies I have used in 20+ years of working with national and international consumer packaged goods companies.  Our website was recognized as a best practice by the MOHLTC.
Enticity’s work has been instrumental in successfully positioning the BCFHT with the MOHLTC and other key stakeholders in the province in healthcare. Currently BCFHT is recognized as a leader in healthcare innovation and Shanna and her team deserve to be recognized for the important role they played in this.
Enticity was also our agency in developing our ‘Quest for Zest – Aging Well’ consumer show.  As with their other work the creative for branding, ads, show passport, etc. were right on target and set the foundation for a strong brand identity upon which we can build upon for years to come.    
Enticity has done an exceptional job for every project we used them for large or small.

Enticity’s strengths are the rapport their designers are able to build, and their openness to the ideas, dreams and vision of their clients. It was vitally important that our brand agency understood the founding principles of our business, and enticity certainly does! I have already recommended enticity to friends and contacts, and will continue to do so. Thank you!

Michael Feraday, Executive Director
Barrie and Community Family Health Team
Barrie Ontario


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