Branding Is Not Your Logo

Written by Shanna Dennis, Brand Strategist

your logo is not your brand

Branding is not your logo design or your marketing materials.

But if it’s not these, then what is it?

Branding is the strategic act of influencing your customer’s perception of you, through their experience when they deal with your company.

When you compare brands to humans, you could say branding is a person’s heart and soul. It is the essence that shows through when you meet them. When you walk away from them, you either feel connected to them or not. In other words, you either liked the way they made you feel or not.

Your brand lies in the hearts and minds of your customers. You cannot purchase your brand. It is something that evolves from years of caring and making a difference in your customer’s life. Branding does not start and end with the design of your logo or the rest of your visual identity.

Thinking so would be equivalent to liking a person based on the clothes they wear.


After spending 1 minute with a person, you stop seeing them, and you start feeling them.


What to do now?

Was this a surprise to you? Did you always believe you had a brand but what you really have is a company that operates as a commodity with a nice logo? Good branding goes a long way. It can be felt by anyone who meets you or walks through your doors. Need some help developing your company’s brand and brainstorming the best next steps to take? Let’s talk call us at 1-833-925-5347 to discuss the future of your brand! You could be the next addition to our Portfolio!

Shanna Dennis

Brand Strategist

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