Branding for Individuals

Written by Shanna Dennis, Brand Strategist

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Are you branding for Individuals?

The days of mass production are over. They have been for a while, but it has taken some time to impact all of us. But now, there is no escaping it. We are living in a world of mass customization. It makes no sense to aim our branding efforts to large groups of people.

How we buy now

As buyers, there is an internal need to find the right solution, and one that is just for you. The product or service that will give you exactly what you want. We don’t settle for what’s available at the closest store, instead we go digging. As consumers, we take pride in being an individual and, most importantly, being different.

We search online, we read reviews, we watch videos, and we reach out to our connections to gain trusted insight. Also, we look for products that make us feel better about ourselves. Similarly we look for products that represent and define us. This is because we believe that it tells people, “Hey, this is the type of person I am.” It’s not the product or service that we are buying. We buy the emotional connection to the purchase. The perfect (customized) solution is what we’re really looking for. We’re willing to wait for it and even spend more for it. We buy brands… not commodities.

As business owners today, you must ask:

“Are people connected to our product or service because we make them feel better about themselves?”

“Do we offer something that helps define our customers?”

“How can we make our customers proud to buy from us?”

“Are we selling a brand to individuals? Or a commodity to the masses?”

We are all online, figuring stuff out for ourselves. These days, there are Grandmothers chatting on Facebook and we also have 15 year olds knitting socks. We are all individuals. Proof can be found through our own social media channels. We all want to be seen for our own beliefs, values, skills and accomplishments. As a result: yes, our purchasing decisions are a huge part of who we are.


Every business owner must realize that people are not buying their product or service. They are buying a reflection of who they are.


Shanna Dennis

Brand Strategist

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