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Written by Shanna Dennis, Brand Strategist

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Looking for brand design near Vaughan Ontario?

Are you a Vaughan business looking for brand design? Enticity is a strategic Brand Agency, we have offices and satellite offices around the GTA and in Vaughan, Ontario. As brand strategists, we believe people evolve and brands should too. Are you looking for brand designing to update your business?  A new website or logo is usually the first place people think to start with updating your branding. Let’s talk and see what your needs are, sometimes all it takes is changing your colours, updating your website and giving it fresher look to reconnect with your audience. Other times it could be a bigger change, your company’s changed and you want to better display and show what you’re all about. Enticity can help.

Reasons why your Vaughan business might need to update your brand design?


As trends and technology change constantly nowadays your brand may fall a bit behind. Therefore, you want your brand to thrive and be able to compete with other modern updated businesses. For example, you want your website to be compatible with mobile devices, especially with people using their phones more than a computer or laptop. You also want to look the part, sometimes business can lose potential new clients trust with a website that clearly looks like it’s from the past with outdated style to it, that hadn’t kept up with the technology changes.


Your business could also require a new appearance or look. For instance, it could be as simple as a fresh set of colours to apply to your logo, or maybe it’s time for a bigger change. It could be that your logo doesn’t reflect the business or needs a more modern change to the existing logo. Or if your business has evolved enough that you feel like maybe it’s time to re-evaluate it all and change to better reflect your business with a new name, new logo, new messaging.


In addition to the look appearance, the messaging of your brand is a big aspect to look at. Your brand evolving may also result in changing and updating your messaging, beliefs and core messaging. As you grow, change and evolve you may redefine who you are as a business. Some of the beliefs and messaging to your audience or even internally may change and you want to better reflect that. Or it could be that your audience is seeing you as something else. Then it’s tackling how to better communicate clearly what your business and brand are all about.

Customer Experience

Above all, it’s not about just looking the part. It’s very much if you talk the talk, walk the walk. The appearance of your brand, your messaging should be accurate to the experience your customers/audience will have with your business. For instance, your brand should be setting up expectations. You need to make sure that you’re able to deliver what they will experience with you. Them walking away with negative or expectations not met will hurt your brand. Therefore it’s important to evaluate and work on expectations that are realistic. Be able to deliver so your audience/customers are able to walk away with a positive experience.

Does your business need to update your brand design? We can help!

After reading those points do any of them resonate with you and your business?  If you think it’s time to reinvest in updating and evolving your business we’d love to be an option for you. Everyone’s business needs are different, however, Enticity can help. Enticity is strategic. If everything in your brand is working it’s just not looking up to par you could just use a refresh. However, if there is a disconnect between the brand, values, messaging, customer experience, new colours or a new logo may not be the only thing to change to get better results.

Rebranding for us is more so about  “are people understanding who you are”? “What value do we offer?” “What problems do we solve?” It’s seeing if your business is reflecting what you want it to. Seeing what your customers actually think of you and if it aligns with your goals.

Enticity can do much more

Enticity are brand strategists who specialize in rebrands. We help businesses re-evaluate, figure out pain points and redefine their brand values, messaging, and appearance. Interested in seeing some examples? Look through and see how we have transformed some businesses through our Portfolio. However, you may find that all you need is just an updated website to help with that. In addition to brand design, Enticity can also refresh your websites instead of doing a complete rebrand. take peek at our Website Renos.

If you want to get in touch  let’s talk we’d love to be able to help your business continue to succeed.
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