5 Quick Branding Facts

Written by Shanna Dennis, Brand Strategist

group meeting quick brand facts

We’re sharing a few design and branding facts because we provide branding services to help you succeed! If you have the right information when you start out, you’re already doing well. Some knowledge in the area of branding and design, even simple facts, can make a real difference.

1. Colour is important for brand recognition

Choosing the right colour for your rebrand matters, but that’s not where it ends. The key is to regularly use this colour throughout your marketing and product design! Studies show that using a signature colour can increase brand recognition by 80%! 

2. First impressions matter for your brand

If you haven’t put time or effort into the design of your website’s home page or landing page, you might want to do that! Apparently it takes only 0.05 seconds (or 50 milliseconds) for people to form an opinion about your website. Think of the times you have arrived on a website and known instantly that it’s not for you. Maybe it’s a mess, maybe there’s too much animation and movement. Or maybe you just know the design hasn’t been touched since the 90s. You’ve already formed a lightnight-fast first impression of that brand.

3. Your brand is not your logo

It’s a fact that 73% of consumers fall in love with a brand because of great customer service. We’re not saying that a logo isn’t important to your brand! Your logo has a power all its own. But when it comes to a consumer’s relationship with your brand, it goes beyond just looks. How are you serving your target audience and how do you treat them on a daily basis? Learn more.

4. Building brand loyalty is worth the effort

A quote from the Harvard Business Review says “It is not the number of interactions a buyer has with your brand, but the quality and relatability of the interaction.” 

In other words, focus on making the relationship you bulid with your customers. We’re talking quality over quantity. With quality, quantity will come in time! But it’s so important to build that trust with your loyal customers, then grown from there.

5. Branding starts within your company

Your employees need to be won over first, because they’ll be advocating for your brand full time. If they’re not loyal to your brand in their personal life, they won’t be representing it in the way you want them to. 

Did you enjoy our rapid-fire branding facts? Did any stand out to you or surprise you? There’s a lot more branding knowledge to be found in our blog archives.

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